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Let us build you a solution that handles your ebusiness, from online payment solution through reliable gateways to other enterprise based applications with the aim of making your business easier.

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Website Design

Create memorable pages with smooth effects that everyone loves. Also, use our lightweight content offering you smooth and great-looking animations for your website. All website are responsive on any device.

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Apps Development

We deliver cross-platform application development services, which help our clients deliver digital products and services to mobile and web platforms seamlessly

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Digital marketing

With the social media pool large enough to showcase and attract the best products, we strategically market our products focused on making profits.

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Own a front page for your eCommerce store in a way that categorizes your product in various others of choice. The neat and clean presentation will help your sales and make your store accessible to everyone.

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Network Solution

Our network solution is based on a design that allows for free flow of information between users irrespective of location and size. We aim to make it operable for non technical people with very little support system.

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Tech Support

While we give upto 99.99% guarantee on all our software and hardware solution, we also ensure to offer reliable 247 technical support to clients through phone call and physical presence on site.

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Because knowledge is power, and the search for it is eternal; we make it possible for people to learn through our training program which contains all of the services we render.


About Fundi

One Of Nigeria’s Leading Technology Startup With A Difference.
We Are Here To Satisfy You Always !

Fundi is one of Nigeria’s leading technology firm with a difference.
Our core services range from proffering world class responsive website design solution to web development with rich content, Ecommerce solution for your business, social media promotions, branding and digital marketing services for any business.
We also offer high speed internet and network services anywhere in Nigeria, using fibre optics technology, Wifi/Wimax and legacy cabling system to suit clients requirement.

  • We've got the BIG PICTURE in mind from start -finish

  • Website, ecommerce, social media and digital marketing

  • Network planning, Reliable internet solution

  • 247 quality support on all solution


Our team of experienced professionals


Network-Web Developer
Akin combines a wide range of skills set in network, website, content development and public relations to develop engaging solutions for clients.


Web-Apps Developer
Victor has over five years developing applications and designing major school portals in Nigeria, business website and other software solutions.


Network-Systems Support
Ben has been around deploying ICT solutions in network, systems, and media for over a decade. He’s everything tech support.


Business-Tech Support
Bukky keeps track of customer needs, support requirements and offers expertise in organization of all records.


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